Livelihood sustenance relief to workers & labourers affected due to Covid-19

Results / Goals

Based on the above-mentioned activities proposed to be carried out we are sincerely looking at achieving the following goals / results:

  1. Effectively reach out to the most vulnerable & affected community who have been severely affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic and who are in dire need of food for their daily living.
  2. Provide basic food and nutrition to the affected community, especially children and women who are even more vulnerable during this situation.
  3. Distribute / supply / provide basic nutritious food package to every family (550 families) that will sustain them for a period of three (03) weeks
  4. Sensitized & aware community after educating & creating awareness about Covid-19 pandemic, its impact, appropriate safety, health & hygiene standards to be maintained.
Expected Outcomes:
  1. Supporting lives of the most vulnerable community in Bangalore urban region.
  2. Food packages to be delivered to 550 families belonging to the lower most strata of today’s urban society
  3. Improvement in health conditions due to supply of basic & nutritious food packages to the affected community members.
  4. Sustain the lives of the community for three weeks during the lockdown period.
Indicators of Success:
  1. Better awareness among the community about the pandemic & its impact
  2. Consumption of good quality and nutritious food
  3. Improvement in health conditions (especially women & children)
  4. Sustenance of community for three weeks.

List of workers / labourers settlements in & around Bangalore urban region:

S.No. Area No. of Families
1 Hebbal – Nelamangala Road 100
2 Whitefield – Hoskote Road 125
3 Tumkur Road 150
4 Magadi Road 75
5 Kanakapura Road 100

As mentioned in the table above these are the most vulnerable & severely affected community dwelling in the areas mentioned amounting to a total of 550 families / households. Due to rampant growth & development of Bangalore and unprecedented urban sprawl, these communities shifted from their towns and villages and eventually ended up in the city in search of employment opportunities. Since then these people have been living and working in various parts of Bangalore urban region. And the extension of lockdown has just added to their woes.

Therefore, it is all the more important & necessary to reach out to this section of society in this time of crisis and help them sail through this critical period. Thus, in view of such grave situations, it becomes all the more important now, more than ever, to help & support this community as they have absolutely no source of income in such difficult times.

Project Stakeholders:

Implementing Agency: Eco-Watch – Centre for Environment & Sustainable Development, Bangalore

Beneficiaries: The direct beneficiaries of this activity are 550 families / households belonging to the most affected category of people such as those who are involved in building construction, road laying, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and the like.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
  1. Set up a Programme Management Committee (PMC) to oversee activities at each and every stage (This committee will include corporate volunteers/employees, Eco-Watch personnel & concerned State Govt. officers)
  2. Regulated field visits to oversee the activity at regular intervals along with PMC members
  3. Use digital platforms for communication to enable remote co-ordination between all PMC members throughout the activity
  4. Video co-ordination & documentation during implementation & delivery of food packages.
  5. PMC will check & verify progress and future course of actions of project activities.