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Eco-Watch was established in 1998 by Suresh Heblikar, a wellknown filmmaker and environmentalist with its key objective of spreading a message of environmental conservation through relevant, focused yet diverse programmes and activities. These outreach activities are aimed at building awareness about various environmental issues and concerns among student communities, organisations, corporate entities and the masses, in a simple yet effective manner. This will hopefully create an eco-conscious culture which will help protect and improve existing ecological and environmental conditions in both urban and rural areas. The activities include ongoing research based projects and programmes, thematic campaigns, field studies, surveys and documentation in collaboration with our technical associates-inspired and dedicated people who offer us the wealth of their experience and expertise.


“Our vision is to create a global community which values and protects our environment.”


"Our mission is to sensitize, influence and support communities to protect our natural heritage and to ensure that natural resources are judiciously utilized for an ecologically sustainable future."

3lac+ tree saplings planted all over Karnataka

15+ lakes/ water bodies restored and protected

around 25000 students sensitized and worked with under various programs

300+ awareness campaigns conducted on different environmental issues around the state

The Founder's Message

Mr. Suresh Heblikar Founder

We strongly believe that environment is the basis for good health and a strong economy. Greater the thrust on economy, material goods and services, faster the environmental degradation and greater would be the human suffering. Therefore, to sustain a healthy and peaceful life we have to maintain a healthy environment.

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