Urban Forestry Project

  1. Increase the green-cover of Bangalore city and its surroundings.
  2. Create healthy and sustainable Lung Spaces for the city by setting up an Urban Forest by planting native and indigenous tree varieties.
  3. Create Carbon Sinks to mitigate air pollution and offset Carbon Footprint.
  4. Motivate organizations, individuals, companies and others towards becoming as Carbon Neutral as possible.
  5. Set up Oxygen Reservoirs for Bangalore.
  6. Enhance groundwater quality and water table through increased rainwater percolation into the ground.
  7. Enrich soil fertility and thereby increase food production around peri-urban areas that were once rich in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, etc.
  8. Support & sustain livelihoods of unskilled labour by employing them in field-based activities that protect the environment and enrich natural resources.
  9. Educate and create awareness among youth and children about the need to protect our environment and restore ecosystems for a sustainable future.