Green School Project

Objectives of the Green school project
  1. Sensitize students, teachers & the local community on safeguarding the environment and natural resources.
  2. Educate students & youth on key environmental issues affecting humans and environment.
  3. Build capacity and equip the community to address environmental issues through implementing appropriate conservation measures & methods.
  4. Provide skills, techniques and hands-on experience like rainwater harvesting, alternate energy, waste management, biodiversity conservation, etc. for the community to deal with critical environmental problems.
  5. Produce and distribute awareness and information material on environmental conservation, ecosystem and associated subjects and themes.
  6. Create model Green Schools in every Ward in Bangalore.
Activities under the Green School project-
  1. Alternate energy - Installation of solar power unit in government school to provide uninterrupted power supply to classrooms.
  2. Environmental education and awareness - Awareness workshops and training sessions conducted for students of high students and select faculty members to expose them to key environmental issues affecting the city and the target community.
  3. Biodiversity conservation - Native / indigenous species of plants such as neem, pongamia, mahogany, thespesia, etc., are planted in and around the school region so as to increase the oxygen output and reduce CO2 emissions.
  4. Solid waste management - Under this initiative, waste segregation units are installed in the school premises and students are sensitized about the ill effects of littering, and the importance of proper disposal of waste.
  5. Rainwater harvesting unit - Installation of rainwater harvesting unit in schools to provide water for drinking, and domestic purposes like cleaning, washing, gardening etc.
    Installation of Rainwater Harvesting