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Eco-Watch was established in 1998 by Suresh Heblikar, a wellknown filmmaker and environmentalist with its key objective of spreading a message of environmental conservation through relevant, focused yet diverse programmes and activities. These outreach activities are aimed at building awareness about various environmental issues and concerns among student communities, organisations, corporate entities and the masses, in a simple yet effective manner. This will hopefully create an eco-conscious culture which will help protect and improve existing ecological and environmental conditions in both urban and rural areas. The activities include ongoing research based projects and programmes, thematic campaigns, field studies, surveys and documentation in collaboration with our technical associates-inspired and dedicated people who offer us the wealth of their experience and expertise.

Documentaries/Short Films

" Salubrious Bangalore: " (Language: English / Duration: 21 minutes). The documentary showcases Bangalore as a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. The city has changed remarkably in the past decade due to its growth as an IT capital and as a major Biotechnology centre. However, this modern city has still managed to retain its traditional practices and structures. The documentary focuses on the work culture, urban planning, housing sector and architecture of the metropolis.

Ongoing Activities


Eco-Watch has consistently focused on Urban Forestry initiatives. Over the last 10 years more than 250,000 trees have been planted in Bangalore and other parts of the state with nearly 75% success. However, in the last two decades we have lost a lot of green cover which has severely affected the hydro-cycle, rainfall pattern, soil quality, climate and thereby our agriculture and overall economy. It is a known fact that Bangalore is one of the most polluted cities in the world.


    Recognizing the efforts and services of Eco-Watch towards environmental conservation and creating awareness about protecting our environment and ecology, the Karnataka State Government presented the Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award for the year 2005-2006, constituted by the Dept. of Forest, Environment and Environment.


  • 31st October 2007 Samagra Karnatakada aabhivruddhi aavashya , (in Kannada)
  • 30th October 2007 State urged to develop other cities Vijay Times, Bangalore
  • 30th October 2007 Think green and plan urban area scientifically: expert Time of India, Bangalore

Photo Gallery

Past Programmes

ACTIVITY Report (2009-2010)

Earth Day 2009Bio-Park and Urban Forestry projects have been continuing along with support from various organizations and agencies. As part of the Earth Day celebration, Eco-Watch along with Intel took up Iblur lake cleaning and tree planting activity.

News & Announcement

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It was one of my best experiences under the green initiatives that our organization has undertaken. I hope more people would join in the efforts of Eco-Watch in years to come.

-Vinay Kumar, USA

Many a times we are fascinated by the term Green without understanding its actual meaning. The workshop conducted by Eco-Watch on natural resources management. It was an eye opener and I now realize the importance of carefully using this term.

- Vijay Kumar, Doctor, Bangalore