Quite sometime ago I had realized that, as an individual and being vociferous against certain projects harmful to the environment, was not the only way of addressing environmental concerns. For, any developmental initiative aimed at creating jobs for the people and generating income to the community would entail activities that might cause some harm to the environment. But then the solution lies in avoiding the damage to the environment by choosing appropriate technologies or offering suitable alternatives. To equip oneself with the knowledge and information about such technologies and alternatives one needs to have contact and communication with qualified and knowledgeable people and associations, engage in discussions, attend workshops and symposiums and the like.

And while doing so I strongly felt the need to create a repository of facts and figures and the necessary information relating to various topics of the environment. The result of this desire and need led to the birth of ECO-WATCH. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by lakes, trees and forests. May be as a result of this I was very keen about planting trees, creating green woodlots and conserving protecting water-bodies. My friend and mentor Mr. Nagesh Hegde, a well-known writer and environmentalist, had also suggested to me long ago that I set up a center to carry on various environmental activities in an organised way. I wasn’t a very organised and disciplined person I must say. Therefore I am grateful to him for his kind suggestion.

Mr. S.V. Pandit, a retired forest officer, a father figure and a family friend, lent kindly advice and wisdom initially, which he had gained from his long service in the Western Ghats forests. He continues to be the founder member of ECO-WATCH and actively participates in most of our programmes and activities.