As part of our environmental education programmes, a new initiative called the Green School Project was launched in 2010. The objective of this programme is to create awareness about key environmental issues, sensitize the community and equip them with necessary tools to address them. Therefore the Government High School at Immadihalli was selected for implementing the pilot project. Environmental interventions such as rainwater harvesting, waste disposal & management, increase in green cover & exposure to alternate energy source were implemented by involving the students and teachers. Thus creating a model green school was achieved through the afore-mentioned activities. Based on the success of this project it is now being carried to other schools through integrated awareness and education programmes.


Awareness & Education :

As the first step under this programme is to create awareness among the student community, relevant yet simple activities, workshops, interactive sessions and other forms of awareness building activities are carried out which majorly helps in designing the type and content of the project. Resource personnel and experts are sometimes involved in this activity to address various environmental issues and concerns.

Field Research:

Once the situation is understood and the level of awareness and preparedness is known, field based survey and studies are essential to enable suitable project activities for the target community. Field based research includes discussions with teachers, surrounding community and the students themselves. The analyses from this exercise helps in designing appropriate activities. Primary and secondary data are compiled to strengthen the activities under the project.


Based on the field research the project activities are designed and implemented. These activities are varied and involve the community in implementing them. The schools are themselves the activity sites and if required the surroundings are also included to suit the need of the activity. Issues such as waste segregation and management, greening, alternate energy, water conservation and the like are addressed under the project activities. A monitoring mechanism is also in place to evaluate the activities and their outcome.

Communication Package:

: As part of the project awareness and outreach activities, simple and effecgive communication material have been developed. Posters, info-charts, booklets, field guides and similar resource material are designed and published for the benefit of the target community. These communication material are utilized at various stages of the project and are replicable in nature.