Eco-Watch has consistently focused on Urban Forestry initiatives. Over the last 10 years more than 250,000 trees have been planted in Bangalore and other parts of the state with nearly 75% success. However, in the last two decades we have lost a lot of green cover which has severely affected the hydro-cycle, rainfall pattern, soil quality, climate and thereby our agriculture and overall economy. It is a known fact that Bangalore is one of the most polluted cities in the world. We shall face acute shortage of our natural resources in the coming few years if we do not take immediate measures to replenish and rejuvenate them. Thus Project Green Karnataka has been initiated since 2008 with a range of multi-disciplinary activities for the benefit of all stakeholder groups.

Awareness & Education :

As part of the project, environmental awareness and education programmes have been initiated in Bangalore and other parts of the state. Students, local community and other target groups are involved in this campaign. The need to initiate massive planting to enrich strengthen regional ecosystems is being emphasised. The need to preserve the biological diversity is a major component of the campaign along with the methods and approaches to achieve this objective.

Field Research:

The area for implementing forestry project is selected in different parts of the state in association with local agencies and the community. Native species according to the regions selected are identified by botanists/taxonomists. Based on the local climatic conditions the forestry related activities are executed. Field studies, survey and interactions are carried out to understand local conditions and to identify indigenous species.


The key objective of Project Green Karnataka, by raising one million trees in different regions and phases, is to improve the green-cover to increase CO2 absorption, enhance precipitation (rainfall), recharge groundwater resources and improve micro-climatic condition to counter global warming. Theme based blocks is designed for planting in project areas. A Conservatory of diverse species of flora from various geographical regions is also planned along with other types of theme-parks. Planting is carried out through community participation. The maintenance and monitoring is carried out for two years from the time of planting to ensure stability and establishment of saplings.

Communication Package:

In order to build capacities of various target groups, awareness and information material are designed and distributed to schools, colleges and others. Posters, info-charts, booklets and other resource material have been designed under the project to increase level of awareness and also communicate the need for conservation of nature and natural resources.