Past Programmes

Annual Report for 2016 - 2017

Restoration of Mahadeva Kodigehalli Halli (M.K. Halli) Lake:

Bangalore has been facing acute water shortage and it is all the more important today to protect and restore the remaining & existing resources. In this background Eco-Watch undertook the restoration of M.K Halli lake in North Bangalore that has been supported by Shell India Markets Ltd. Studies on rainfall pattern, biodiversity survey, agroclimatic studies along with socio-economic studies have been carried out. Rainwater feeder channels, bunds, check-dams, etc., were built and set up to harvest rainwater from the surrounding catchment area and feed the lake. Field workshops and interactions in association with local community members were also carried out earlier.

Eco-Awareness & Clean-Up Drive:

One of the most critical issues today in Bangalore has been the rampant increase in garbage and its disposal and proper management by authorities. Therefore, to create awareness among the general community and to sensitize them about the ways and means of disposing various types of waste Eco-Watch organised ecoawareness campaigns and clean-up drives in and around Cubbon Park. Many corporates felt the need to support such initiatives and thus joined in the programmes.

Indoor Air Pollution Reduction Campaign:

Another interesting aspect of reducing pollution levels is to minimize indoor air pollution levels at offices / industries / corporate spaces. An awareness campaign by means of providing indoor air pollution reduction plants and medicinal plants was carried out in Bangalore & Kolar districts. Various corporate houses such as GSK and others were involved in this campaign to promote work-related indoor air pollution reduction.

Urban Forestry & Eco-Awareness Workshop:

One of the key objectives has always been to increase the green cover for Bangalore. As part of this a treeplanting drive was carried out in and around Kadugodi & Whitefield area involving Capital-One volunteers. Nearly 250 saplings were planted as part of this drive and have been maintained so far. The objective was to increase the green cover around Kadugodi & Whitefield area as they are the fast developing pockets of Bangalore.


An integrated eco-development project was taken up on Mysore Road to enrich and strengthen the biological diversity of the region. Ecosystem development activities such as setting up of Eco-Parks, Bio-Parks and other theme based gardens were carried out across the designated region abutting the Kumbalgodu Range Forest.

Environmental Awareness & Education:

A comprehensive workshop on natural resource conservation and environmental management was carried out for the students of Sheshadripuram College in Bangalore. The purpose was to sensitize the youth towards the current environmental issues and enabling them to address these concerns through appropriate education and preparedness.

Dhanvantari Vana:

One of the significant programmes of Eco-Watch is to establish various theme- based parks and woodlots across the city. As part of this initiative a “Dhanvantri Vana” (Medicinal Plants Garden) was set up in Jayanagar 3rd Block to popularize the need to protect and promote natural therapies and remedies amongst the general community. The design and layout was provided by Eco-Watch in association with the BBMP and local Corporator.

Waste Management & Cleanliness Drive:

Bangalore today is facing huge waste disposal & management issues over the last decade. Thus, to create awareness among the general public and to sensitize them about appropriate methods of disposing different types of waste, Eco-Watch regularly organised awareness and education campaigns and clean-up drives in and around the city in March 2017. The current campaign was initiated in Cubbon Park and the Bal Bhavan premises where large number of children along with their parents visit the area. Awareness and educational information were displayed across the premises and park for the benefit of visitors.

Save Water - Save Bengaluru:

Eco-Watch has been consistently working towards creating awareness and sensitizing the community about water conservation and water resources management over the last two decades. With Bangalore facing huge water scarcity especially in summer the Save Water - Save Bengaluru campaign was launched in association with Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board (BWSSB). Short films & fillers were produced and screened during workshops, seminars, etc. Information posters, resource material, etc., were prepared and distributed across the city to spread the message of water conservation.