Past Programmes

Annual Report for 2014 - 2015


As part of its environmental awareness and conservation programmes Eco-Watch conducts Eco-Tours for various sections of society to expose them to the grassroots of ecology and its conservation. The Eco-Tours help the participants understand the value of our environment, culture, heritage & tradition and therefore convinces them to save them for posterity. The tours also comprise of adventures activities, nature trails and similar eco-games for the participants to relax. The focus is to empower local communities by engaging them in arranging transport, food, accommodation and as tourguides for the participants.

Care for Air:

Bangalore tops the list of highly polluted cities in the world. The Care for Air campaign of Eco-Watch promotes ecofriendly transport, car-pooling, public-transport, etc. As part of this campaign and to encourage the community members events to promote Cycling/Walking/Running, etc., were organized across the city especially around Outer Ring Roads & Peripheral Ring Roads to encourage corporates, organizations, residential layouts, etc., to practice and promote such healthy & eco-friendly practices.

One of the important initiatives of Eco-Watch has been the Eco-Awareness Campaigns and Clean-Up Drives in & around the city. Several volunteers from schools, colleges, corporate organizations, etc have been involved over the last few years to address the issues of solid waste management across the city. Few heritage sites such as Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, K R Market, etc., have been selected for such activities and also to spread the message of waste segregation and to avoid the use of plastics. Many such events have been carried out by Eco-Watch along with various corporates, organizations, youth groups, etc., to carry the message far & wide. The activities also include a survey and study involving the visitors to such sites and to analyse the levels of awareness among the local community.

Lake Restoration

As part of the lake development, restoration and ecosystem conservation programme, Eco-Watch carried out series of events and projects on restoring the Madiwala Lake in South Bangalore. In addition to the restoration and cleaning up activities a comprehensive study and survey was carried out to understand the levels of awareness among the surrounding communities.

Demystifying technology Sessions (Intel SIC Programmes):

One of the most interesting programmes of Intel has been the sensitization and awareness workshops for rural government school students about technology and its significance in improving and enriching human societies across the world. New technological applications and gadgets that are useful to humans in various ways have been exposed to these students & children. Tech-sessions were carried out in Banvasi, Uttara Kannada district & in Tumkur, emphasizing the need for building a future ready community that will be able to understand the world in a better way. These sessions were carried out in Banvasi, Sirsi & Siddapura talukas of Uttara Kannada district Lake.

Lake 2014:

The 9th Biennial Lake Conference was carried out in Sirsi, Uttara Kannada district with a focus on “Conservation and Sustainable Management of Wetland Ecosystems in Western Ghats”. The theme was “Wetlands and Agriculture:ÊPlacing a focus on the need for the wetland and agricultural sectors to work together for the best shared outcomes” and this conference provides a unique opportunity to increase understanding of the role of wetlands in sustaining the food production and challenges faced by these fragile ecosystems.

Green School Project

Government schools across Baglur and surrounding villages were selected & identified where an overall understanding of environment & conservation was disseminated to students through workshop, awareness campaign and field based activities such as tree planting, waste segregation, short skits, theme-base poster/collage making, etc. Resource material such as films, posters, books, info-charts, etc., were also provided to the students. In addition, to educate students about energy & water conservation they were provided with LED/CFL bulbs, tubes, etc.

In the 2nd phase and to practice eco-friendly lifestyles, the schools were provided with a solar power unit with a UPS back-up system which will help students in their computer-labs and science based learning activities. A Rainwater Harvesting system was also set up at the school to sensitize the students and strengthen existing water resources in and around the school.