Past Programmes

Activity Report for 2010 - 2011

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Citizen Watches in association with Eco-Watch undertook a campaign to create awareness on the green cover in urban areas. Tree planting, awareness campaigns and community interactions were major components of the programme.

Citi-Bank participated in one of the urban forestry programmes to help create awareness on preserving the environment and culture. Tree planting, theater-based activities and cultural programmes were part of this campaign.

Deutsche Bank:

One of the leading banks – DBOI, got involved in activities such as lake restoration and awareness campaign on spreading awareness on water conservation across the city. Employees were trained to spread the message and thereby interact with the local communities living nearby lakes and water-bodies.

DBOI also supported another important project on setting up an Eco-Park at the KSRP-9th battalion near Hosur Road. The purpose of this project was to support the children belonging to KSRP and provide them with basic facilities such as an eco-park, medicinal plant garden, play area, etc. Another important component was to set up a centre stage within this eco-park so as to provide a platform for cultural activities within the KSRP housing colony. The officials of DBOI from North India and South East Asia also visited this Eco-Park during the implementation of the project.

Another interesting activity of DBOI employees was to take up planting across Madiwala lake, a major lake in Bangalore South, to help prevent encroachment and also to clean up the lake. Physical cleaning was part of this campaign in and around the lake.

To spread the message of natural and cultural heritage of Bangalore a Walkathon was organized in and around Cubbon ark to carry this message effectively. Nearly 400 employees of DBOI participated in this campaign.

Eco-Watch also represented itself in the Marathon conducted by ORRCA at Eco-Space. The objective was to spread the message of eco-conservation in urban areas.

One of the leading hospitality groups – the Lalit Ashok in association with Eco-Watch carried out a seminar on challenges in protecting and improving the urban environment. The target was to involve youth in environmental protection through CSR concepts of hospitality groups.

Earth Day – celebrations was carried out by Eco-Watch across the city in association with various corporates and business houses. Campaign on rainwater harvesting, water conservation, groundwater recharge, etc., was carried out. In addition the campaign also included other activities such as screening of films, eco-quiz, rallies, etc. The objective was to sensitize the community on cultural and natural heritage preservation.

As part of World Environment Day Eco-Watch carried out a series of campaigns across the city to sensitize and motivate youth and children towards protecting our environment. One important event was in Mantri Mall in Malleshwaram where children were involved in creative and innovative ways to carry the message of protecting our environment. Students from colleges and other institutes were part of this programme for a period of one week.

Eco-Watch has been involved in protecting rare and threatened varieties of plants across the state. This is one of the most important programmes of the organization towards conserving biodiversity especially in urban areas. As part of this a drive to protect valuable and indigenous medicinal plants was carried in Bangalore. Various corporate like Intel participated in this campaign. More than 3000 saplings were distributed across the city over a period of one week.

Urban Forestry Programme:

Eco-Watch has been pioneering the concept of Urban Forestry in Bangalore and other parts of the state over the last 15 years. In this view many organizations, corporate, government and other entities have regularly participated. Corporates such as MindTree, NetApp, Novozymes, WEIR Minerals and others have been a major part of this campaign since a long time. Nearly 8,000 saplings have been planted in the current year along with various organizations mentioned above.

To promote cycling Eco-Watch has been campaigning with various government agencies over the last few years. In this regard the organization carried out frequent campaigns to promote and popularize cycling. SAP Labs has been a part of this campaign and was involved in such a campaign wherein the employees of the company participated in the cycling event to one of the project sites of Eco-Watch and planted tree saplings as well.