Past Programmes

Activity Report for 2008-09

Eco-Friendly Products & Environmental Awareness:

Eco-Watch initiated the land preparation for further planting in Hoskote Bio-Park area. This was also complimented with awareness activities on field.

Another event focusing on the green products along with the awareness activities was also taken up at the Texas Instruments campus for the employees. The focus was to promote green & eco-friendly products among the corporate and popularize it.

Green Karnataka Project:

This project was launched in DOddaballapur AIRSPT area where nearly 500 acres have been taken up for afforestation. Eco-Watch has already planted more than 15,000 saplings in the premises and is continuing the project even now. The project has been supported by the Govt. of Karnataka, corporate, students, youth and the general community in the surrounding region.

Another sapling distribution drive was carried out in Whitefield area for the general public and especially the student community in association with Rural Development Centre. The focus was to enrich greening in this region and to improve the groundwater status as it has been declining at a very rapid pace.


Since Eco-Watch works with various corporate and industries, the Ozone Day was celebrated in Intel campus by means of exhibition, poster display, interactive workshops, training and film screening. The idea was to expose the corporate community towards effects of Ozone depletion and its impact on environment and humans alike.

As part of the Ozone Day programme, various other events were also organized for the corporate and the student community at various Bio-Parks, schools, colleges, etc. Quiz, skit/drama, collage making, etc., were also organized.

Community Based Tourism Promotion – (study & interaction)

As part of promoting biodiversity conservation and related conservation measures, Eco-Watch is also aiming at promoting tourism in rural areas by involving the local community. For this purpose, the members visited another place where such a project was running successfully in Himachal Pradesh (Almora). The team from there also visited Kumta / Sirsi where Eco-Watch plans to undertake similar programmes.

Other tree planting drives and awareness programmes were also carried out in association with DELL, Motorola, Deutsche Bank and others where cycling was promoted, alternate sources of energy were popularized and the like.

2008 – 2009

April 2008 Events for the FY 2008 – 2009, kick started with the tree planting activity by volunteers from Deutsche Bank and Intel. The 500 acre plot on Nellmangla Highway and the 50 acre site at Hoskote were the chosen sites for this activity.
May 2008 An exhibition on bio-diversity and conservation was held at the campus of TI (Texas Instruments). The exhibition was to drive home the message of sustainable development, importance of preserving our environment and how we as citizens can do our bit.
June 2008 June saw the annual exercise of Land preparation for the ensuing tree planting activities round the year. Volunteers were actively engaged in deweeding, levelling and preparing the ground with application of organic manure.
July 2008 July 12,2008 was a landmark event for Eco-watch and the state of Karnataka with the launch of ‘Project Green Karnataka’. This project promises to rebuild the natural resource base by undertaking massive afforestation in Bangalore and other regions in the state. This project was launched with the planting of 300 odd trees at the 500acre AIRSPT site.
  Corporate houses – Soft Jin and ITTIAM volunteered for the tree planting activity as a part of ‘Project Green Karnataka’. This was carried out at the Hoskote site.
  Eco-watch undertook the cause of restoring the Sakalwara Lake. The areas adjoining the Sakalwara lake were once known for their elephant corridors,but with contamination of the lake with sewage and human encroachment the elephant corridor ceased to exist. Eco-watch pitched in by talking to the local community on the need to preserve the lake and also involved the community in cleaning and conservation efforts of the lake. Plant species native to Sakalwara region were chosen and planted alongside the lake to prevent soil errosion and siliting of the lakes
Aug 2008 The Rural Development Centre at Whitefield partnered with EcoWatch in a two week long community based forestry program. The program involved distribution of saplings to schools, colleges and local residents.
Sep 2008 Sep 16th is observed globally as ‘Ozone Day’. To mark observe this day, Eco-watch organised an exhibition at the Intel Campus – Sarjapur and Old Airport road. The exhibition addressed aspects like – global warming, the causes for the depletion of the ozone layer and simple ways in which we can contribute to prevent global warming. Poster competitions, Quizzes and screening of select documentary movies were a part of this exhibition.
  Eco-watch organised a joint outbound program for Intel volunteers and students of the Govt school at K.R.Puram at Hoskote. The program saw a host of team building activities, presentations, and street plays being performed. All these activities were directed towards spreading awareness on environment conservation and sustainable development.
  Eco-watch with its aim of spreading awareness on Environment conservation conducted yet another outreach program. This outreach program involved volunteers from Intel, school students from Govt schools at Hoskote and interns from Christ college and JGI. While interns from Christ college enthusiastically organised competitions like quiz, poster making & collage; students from JGI broadcasted this event on their community radio – ‘Radio active’. The outreach program was well received by all participants.
  Green Cell, the CSR wing at DELL joined hands with Eco-watch for a tree planting activity at Hoskote.
Oct 2008 Representatives from Eco-watch participated in a study cum field visit at Almora organised by ‘Village Ways’ – a community based rural tourism organisation. Village Ways has been successful in promoting sustainable tourism in Sarayu valley and Binsar region in Uttarkhand by actively involving the local rural communities - Village folk are trained as guides to share their knowledge of local flora and fauna; local craftsmen use traditional skills and materials to build or restore guesthouses and at the same time incorporate energy-saving technology such as solar panels for lighting and heating water.
  Motorola observed the Global Day of service by participating with Eco-watch in a tree planting activity.
Nov 2008 Eco-watch along with VTU conducted a survey of the local plant species - undertook the study, monitoring , mapping and documentation of the rare native plant species.
Dec 2008 With the success community based rural tourism in Northern India, Eco-watch helped ‘Village Ways’ explore a similar concept in Sirsi and Kumta – costal towns of Northern Karnataka.
Jan 2009 Jan thru June sees periodic activity of collection of planting material. Eco-watch undertakes careful research on native and hardy varieties of plant species, sources these species from the wild or from local farmers and creates a gene bank of these species so that these can be planted in right planting season.