Past Programmes

Activity Report for 2003 - 2004

Mr. Suresh Heblikar, Chairman, Eco-Watch presented a paper on ‘Biodiversity and Culture’ at the International Conference on ‘Biodiversity & Environment’ held at Calicut, conducted by OISCA-Kerala Chapter.

Indo-Norwegian Environment Programme:


The project taken up by Eco-Watch in March 2002 continued into its 2nd year where the project activities in Kolar & Tumkur districts had begun. The project site required some land preparation initially. Once the site was ready the saplings were planted by involving the local communities and the students.

The saplings collected from different parts of these three districts, were maintained at the nursery established by the Centre. After tagging them appropriately the saplings were planted in a scientific manner so as to facilitate documentation and field identification.

Tumkur site was taken up after a while in association with the Tumkur Science Centre, which is the Nodal Agency for this project. The work continued till mid-August. The project is in the process of documentation

World Environment Day:

A play on ‘Ban Plastics’ was performed by the members of Little Eco-friends
Artifacts made out of recycled material was exhibited by Baal Suma another organization working for children with learning disabilities
Informative material was displayed by Karnataka Compost Development Corporation on solid waste management

On June 7th 2003, Eco-Watch observed the World Environment Day. The Centre conducted a massive Awareness Campaign & an Environment Education Programme for students, youth and the general public of Bangalore city. A number of activities were conducted at the venue (Bharath Scouts & Guides) which have been briefly mentioned below:

Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat displayed books and other educative material on environment & related subjects & topics.
Another highly informative and educative component was the mobile display vans from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.
Painting, drawing and other literary activities were also part of the programme in addition to an outlet that was put up by Eco-Watch. The outlet contained posters, charts, information material, manuals, etc for the students & the public.

A study cum survey on the restoration of the Chennapatna Lake was conducted by Eco-Watch in Hassan for ISKCON, who wanted to undertake the project of restoring this lake.

The project included the establishment of a Temple Complex in one portion of the lake in addition to a Bio-Park around the Lake hosting medicinal plants, shrubs, etc.

Mr. Suresh Heblikar addresses the religious heads at Suttur Mutth, Mysore in the month of November on the topic ‘Environment & Religion’.

Oikos - Bangalore Chapter an organization working towards cleaner environment held a rally on “ Less Plastic for me’’ in Jayanagar on 17th January 2004.

This campaign, to reduce usage of plastic, was inaugurated by Suresh Heblikar. The Traders Association of Jayanagar supported this rally.

" Awareness Campaign to reduce Air Pollution in Bangalore "

A massive awareness campaign undertaken by the Transport Dept., Govt. of Karnataka was supported by Eco-Watch. The campaign was spread over a period of two months (Jan-Feb 2004). Various innovative and novel programmes were carried out during these two months. Brief outlay of the various programmes conducted by Eco-Watch are mentioned below:

Air Quality Monitoring study was carried for students from different schools of the city who were exposed to the methodology of air quality sampling and on site analysis with the help of the scientific officers of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB).
Eco-Watch brought out posters, information charts, stickers, manuals and other information material on air pollution reduction, which were distributed to maximum number of schools and colleges in the city. The students were briefed about the resource material during the air quality monitoring exercise.
The campaign also included processions by students in the streets of Bangalore to create an impact on the general public to control & reduce air pollution.
The participating students and youth groups were made to interact with expert Resource Personnel on various issues and concerns related to air pollution.
The students were also involved in activities such as drawing & painting competition, poetry and others through which they could communicate to the society on issues of air pollution and control measures.

Photography exhibition by Green Cross environmental group were also displayed during the event.

Mobile Display Vans of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board was another feature of the programme. The information material was highly beneficial to the students and the public, which contained information on environment, pollution, conservation, ecosystem etc.

Plays on Air Pollution, its effect on humans and environment, control measures, pollution prevention, etc were enacted by students of Sudarshan Vidya Mandir & Vijaya High School.

Smt. Rani Satish, Minister for Kannada & Culture, Govt. of Karnataka, also participated in the programme conducted under this Campaign.

Suresh Heblikar, Chairman, Eco-Watch addressing the gathering, along with the Commission

Earth Day (March 12th 2004)

Mr. Suresh Heblikar addressing the gathering at the Delhi Pbulic School.
The Chairman inaugurated the programme by planting a sapling.

Eco-Watch Chairman Mr.Suresh Heblikar, inaugurated the Earth Day celebration at Delhi Public School on March 12th 2004

Later he was also briefed about the Butterfly Garden that was being established by the School. Eco-Watch intends to support the School in this project of setting up the Butterfly Garden at the School; premises.

Apart from the above-mentioned programmes and events Mr.Suresh Heblikar has addressed a number of other programmes in & around Bangalore & other parts of the State.

Eco-Watch also supported a publication in Kannada titled “Neevu yaarige matha kodthiri?”. This book aims at empowering the common man in selecting a right candidate and also equips him/her with key tools in excercising the fundamental right.

Sadhanakeri Lake Restoration Project:

The Sadhanakeri Lake, which is one of the few remaining lakes in Dharwar city, is fast disappearing due to lack of conservation and restoration efforts from the local communities and other user groups. Thus Eco-Watch undertook the initiative of mobilizing the communities to clean up the lake bed which was laid with a thick carpet of plastic waste and other garbage. The LDA has also supported the centre in undertaking this restoration programme.

The Police Department personnel, students from various schools, colleges and institutions like the S.D.M College of Engg. & Tech., Government Depts., & others have supported the project which took off in early February 2003. From then onwards the Centre has been making detailed studies & surveys on drawing an action plan to restore this lake which not only has environmental & ecological, but also cultural, traditional, poetical and Esthetic significance. One of the well known National Poets of our country,Da Raa Bendre was inspired by this lake & has written several poems highlighting the beauty of nature, the beauty of the colorful birds, butterflies & insects, for whom this lake was once a home.

Thus the lake attains a very high level of importance in many ways, which has led to Eco-Watch to undertake its restoration.