Past Programmes

Activity Report for 1999-2000

A wilderness camp was conducted in Chandavar, North Canara District, for a group of college students of Sagar, Sirsi and Karwar. The camp included activities like river crossing, kayaking and rafting in the Gangavali River.

The project Associates of Eco-Watch conducted a survey on the adverse impact of quarrying on the ecosystem and the wildlife in and around Bannerghatta National Park in May 99. The survey included interactions with the local communities living in the surroundings of the National Park, Forest Dept. and other organizations and agencies working on these issues, along with documentation by means of a video film.

A seminar on Solid Waste Disposal and Management was conducted for the general public in the month of July 99, which focused on solid waste management at household level, vermi-composting, etc.

An awareness programme on “Youth and Environment” was held around Bannerghatta National Park for students of Bangalore city in August 99.

A four months project on the socio-economic condition of inhabitants of Kudremukh National Park was carried out from August 99 which mainly focused on the impact of mining resulting in depletion of natural resources and loss of Bid-diversity, in turn affecting the livelihood of inhabitants of Kudremukh National Park area. The centre has documented these projects and compiled the reports in its library.

An awareness programme for communities in coastal region in the month of September was carried out where the negative impacts of artificial aqua culture and other artificial methods of rearing aquatic fauna was conveyed to the people involved in such practices.

A project on vegetation dynamics and impacts due to selection felling in and around Kudremukh National park was conducted in the month of October 99 which focused on final stand quality of tree species in disturbed and natural forest area. The members of Eco-Watch carried out a comparative study of both the forest types.

A programme on conservation for students of Spastic Society of Karnataka was conducted in the month of November where students were exposed to different activities like audio presentations, lectures, camping in the outdoor etc.

An adventure camp at Kali river was conducted in the month of December 99. The camp included white water rafting, trekking, outdoor camping and the like in the Dandeli region of the Western Ghats.

A project titled “Impact of selective logging on soil composition” was carried out from January to March 99, where a comparative study of soil structure and composition in the disturbed and selectively logged area was carried out. The detailed report is documented by the centre.

An environmental education and training camp was conducted for more than 150 students from different schools of Bangalore city in March 2000. The camp included various adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing. Identification of flora and fauna, habitat and ecosystem studies, eco-quiz, painting, essay writing, nature games, etc., were other events of the programme.