Past Programmes

Activity Report for 1997-98

Eco-watch, to the mining area in Western Ghats region, situated in and around Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The study was conducted for students of Bangalore University during April, wherein human impact on health of ecosystems in the region was highlighted. A study trip was also conducted to some of the areas potential for community based ecotourism.

Another study was conducted for the students of Bangalore University at Kulgi Nature Camp. Bio-diversity studies, jungle walks, camping on river basins, etc., were part of the programme. A study on the flora & fauna of moist deciduous forest ecosystem was carried out during May 97. Mr. S.V. Pandit (Retd. Conservator of Forests) accompanied the team during field trips, followed by a presentation by Mr. Balagi, ACF, Dandeli Range, at the nature Camp.

An environmental awareness programme was conducted for various school students, who were exposed to various aspects of conservation in addition to some environmental awareness activities at the centre.

Post Graduate students of Environmental Sciences attended a Seminar that was conducted in the month of July 99. The seminar focused on the health hazards due to the rapid expansion of cities and subsequent rise in pollution levels due to rampant growth in industries in urban centers. Dr. Vasundhara, a Doctor and an environmentalist briefed the students on different types of ailments due to pollution and some simple remedies which could be practised by an individual including a presentation of certain case studies in Bangalore. Awareness and Training Programme was carried out for the street and slum children of Bangalore city on Health & Hygiene, focusing on cleanliness and sanitary conditions to prevent diseases & out-breaks.

Tree Planting and Lake Restoration Programme was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Heblikar. The project was initiated by the residents, NGOs and other groups of ISRO layout.

An awareness programme for the Scouts and Guides was conducted in Chitradurga on environmental protection. The programme concentrated mainly on the present status of environment and the involvement of youth and students in safeguarding environmental and natural resources for the future.

Eco-Watch has made more than thirty films on different topics of environment, science and technology, arts, culture, etc., and has also screened them at various institutions, organisations and other places during seminars, workshops and conferences. Recently films on ecology and culture were screened at the Forest Dept. for the students and general public, which was followed, by a brief interaction and discussion between the participants and presentation. The resource personnel who were present during the An environmental awareness and education program for Government Primary English School was conducted during the month of January at the centre, where the students were exposed to field experiments, such as identification of flora and micro-fauna, tree growth measurements, plant care measure and other issues regarding forestry and forest ecosystem.

Parisara Jagruthi” a workshop on “Environmental Education” was conducted by the centre, which was attended by nearly six hundred students of different schools and colleges of Bangalore. a number of activities like exhibition, demonstrations, and cultural programmes were also held which was conducted by the students who participated in the workshop. Solid Waste Management and improvement of urban environment were the focus of this workshop.

A project on the economic upliftment of the tribe inhabiting the Nagarahole National Park was carried out during February 98 for a period of two months. Socio-economic studies, data collection, community development, culture and livelihood studies of the tribe were conducted by Project Associates of Eco-Watch, under the guidance of the Chairman Mr. Suresh Heblikar. A promotional seminar and presentation on the significance and implementation of Solid Waste Management Plant was launched in Teerthahalli, in association with Terra Firma Biotechnologies Ltd. during March 99. The usage of organic manure and its advantages over chemical fertilizers was highlighted with the help of a demonstration during the presentation.